BNC Connector Assembly Instructions
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  outer ferrule bushing* male contact plug body assembly female contact jack body assembly
*for use on RG-62, 71, 210 cable only

ConnectorType 75 BNC Plug Amphenol Number 31-710 series
No. & Cable
Hex Crimp Data
Cavity for
Cavity for
Outer Ferrule
Die Set for
Tool 227-944*
CTL Series
Tool No.
59, 62
.068(1.7) .255(6.5) 227-1221-13 CTL-1
59, 62 (20GA CC)
.068(1.7) .255(6.5) 227-1221-13 CTL-1
B8281, 88281
.068(1.7) .324(8.2) 227-1221-32 CTL-2
.178(4.5) .068(1.7) 227-1221-9 CTL-2

Step 1
Strip cable jacket, braid, and dielectric to dimensions in table above. [for RG-62,71,210/U cable, trim an additional .039"(1.0mm) of insulation off center conductor and add bushing] All cuts are to be sharp and square. Important: Do not nick braid, dielectric, and center conductor. Slide outer ferrule onto cable as shown.
Stripping Dimensions, inches (mm)
a .593(15.1)
For RG-174, 179, 187, 188, 316/U cables only, slit jacket back .100"(2.5mm) as shown. Before attaching center contact TFE sleeve (not shown) over cable dielectric and under braid. For 31-71016, before attaching center contact. Slide metal spacer/TFE sleeve (not shown) over cable dielectric and under braid. The center contact should butt against the dielectric and TFE sleeve.
Step 2

Flare slightly end of cable braid as shown to facilitate insertion of inner ferrule. Important: Do not comb out braid.
Place contact on cable center conductor so that it butts against cable dielectric. Crimp contact in place using Die Set Cavity indicated in table above. When using RG-62, 71, 210, 400, install bushing over center conductor before installing contact.
       contact must butt against cable dielectric
       outer ferrule       
       should butt here          cable dielectric must butt insulator

* for pneumatic crimp tool 227-60, use die sets indicated in this column