January 16, 2004


Today I spent some time standing in the garage looking at the 2 boxes that hold the those pieces of sheet metal that will someday be the empennage of my RV-7. For a moment, it felt hopeless. My enthusiasm had been replaced by doubt, maybe even depression. A few minutes later, I was energized and went out to finally begin clearing out and organizing the shop.

Hours later, I had little accomplished, but had made decisions on where work tables would go and where to put the toolbox.


So, is it really, "Day One?" I don't know. I just know that I have to start sometime and even though I haven't driven a rivet or bent a piece of sheetmetal, I am starting to work on the RV-7.

Yes, I already have the empennage set, but I haven't opened the boxes. I have decided to take the Synergy Air intro to sheet metal class (a 1-day class) and then the RV Empennage Assembly class (a 6-day class). I figure I need a running start at this. I've looked at all the builder assistance training options I could find. It looks like Synergy Air has the right setup and approach for me. I'll report on that later.



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