January 22, 2004

Today I got back to attaching the router to the table. That will make what is essentually a jointer that can be used with wood and, of course aluminum. The router is simply bolted to the bottom of the table through 3 holes I drilled.


With the router installed, I added the clear guard to the top -- almost finished.

The last thing to do is to adjust the speed of the router. Well, I don't have to worry about it until I know what size router bit I'm going to use and what I'm going to use it on. Here, you can see that is will be easy to adjust. You probably can't read it, but the range is 12 to 22 thousand rpm. With a 1" diameter bit, that's a pretty fast blade speed.



With the router installed and adjusted, the cutting head protrudes through the table next to the guides.


Here's the table, ready to go. Now I can use it to shape anything flat. I think it will be much easier than a Dremel or a die grinder, but it won't work for everything.

This is still not building airplanes, but it is something to do.....



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