January 24, 2004

By mid-morning, I was laying out and drilling the typical learning assymbly. That's not to minimize the experience, because at every step, there were little tips and tricks to learn and plenty of one-on-one tutoring. I really was surprised how quickly I started feeling like I knew what I was doing!

The class (they keep the classes small) gathered around Wally Anderson as he instructs on some of the finer points of dimpling.


Sorry for plugging Synergy Air, but they really did a fine job getting me started. So, if you want to talk to them, visit thier website at http://www.synergyair.com/index.html.




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Today I drove my first rivet! I took the Synergy Air Fundamentals of Building class in Placerville, California. I went with high hopes, but I couldn't have anticipated how much there was to learn in such a short time. Here I am deburring the first hole I drilled. A meager beginning...

A blurry picture (that's probably good!), but more surprises as I began to realize how easy it was to rivet. O.K., you old hands already know all this, but it is brand new to me and I had my doubts.

Well, there had to be a picture of Wally. I can't resist, because he did such a fine job. Even experienced builders like Gary (standing next to Wally) learned a lot and came away happy.