February 2, 2004

Wow! The tools arrived today from Cleaveland! Now I have something new to play with! I spread them out on a little work table and tried very hard not to think about it as $1,500.


For some reason, I was most interested in the cleko pliers. I did try out the drill and the rivet gun, but those cleko pliers just seemed so interesting I could keep my hands off of them.




February 4, 2004 - I picked up some used tools that are not necessarily aircraft specific, but useful. This set of die grinders were well used, but they work great and are much higher quality than the typical cheapies. 20 bucks got them both.

I also got these two micrometers that I don't know if I'll need.

For $25, I got this used Rolo flaring tool. It didn't look like it had much use.


No! I am NOT trying to cleko the handle of the Main Squeeze! I am pretending! It's what you do when you have your tools and nothing you are ready to use them on. Didn't you ever have something like a little wagon and pretend that..... Well, you know.

Ah, yes, cleko pliers. I like them so much that I got 3 pair to go with the one pair I already had. I figure that wherever I am in the shop when I need a pair of cleko pliers, there won't be one there. Having more reduces that problem, I think. Anyway, we all know that if some is good, more must be better!

The die grinders wouldn't have been such a deal if I hadn't gotten the box of stuff (technical machinest's term) to go with them like this drawer full of grinding bits.

A drawer full of sanding discs and another large box of the same - probably a thousand in all.

This is probably boring, but here are some fo the grinding bits.



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