May 06, 2007 HOME

It's May and it's cold!  I worked for a while on deburring the gear leg mounts in the hangar.  I didn't want to grind through the powder coating, but there were some sharp edges that I didn't like.


In the afternoon, I retreated home to the garage.  Most of the parts I have been working on have now been moved (again!) from the hangar to the garage.  I find it easier to control the temperature in the garage, but as you can see, it still needs a little organization.


I wasn't feeling very focused.  Perhaps it was because I haven't done any real airplane work for a long time.  I added a couple of nutplates to the fuel valve mounting plate.  That was simple enough to get me started.




Another easy task caught my eye.  I opened up the holes for the tank vent fittings.

At first, they didn't come out perfectly round.  Yes, I should have drilled them.  The good news was that they were both undersized, so I was able to true the up and get them to the correct size at the same time.

Finally, I identified the parts I was going to use for both ends of the vent lines.  That didn't take too much effort, but I was through for the day.




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